18 February 2005

Lazarus.2222 Removal 

Download copylock:

About CopyLock

CopyLock is a small program that allows the replacement of one or many files
which are currently in use by the system or any other running process.
Click Add > Files to replace, select the new file and the destination folder,
click Apply, restart when invited to do so and that's it!

Extract the zipped file Open copylock.exe Click "Add" then select "files to
delete" from the dropdown menu

"Select "Indexindicator.exe" and maybe "Indexindicator.dat"

The files can be found in

Click apply.

Restart your computer and you are done.

Thanx Emidio for finding the fix

Some further research shows that some system files (possibly: format.com) may be infected. I would [Start] [Run] "Sfc /scannow" (Without the inverted commas)(not supported if you have WinME!) to replace the infected files.

Or download and run the latest version of "Stinger.exe" a standalone virus scanner:
Stinger from McAfee Inc.

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