28 September 2006

Golf club Royal Bromont - Google Video ( via Fred Langa) 

Golf club Royal Bromont - Google Video

A dream come true - Google Video

Normally our "Just for Grins" item is humor. But this issue's grin will come from the sheer coolness factor of an amazing hobbyist project. A Canadian RC airplane enthusiast combined a model airplane, virtual reality goggles and a wireless camera. It works like this: A fairly standard model airplane is controlled normally with a wireless remote control. A pan-and-tilt camera is mounted at the airplane's center of gravity, also controlled wirelessly. Video from the camera is viewable through virtual reality goggles, which have a gyroscope attached to sense the movement of the goggles and control the camera accordingly. When the wearer moves his head, the camera also moves. This breathtaking, goggle-eye video will put a grin on your face for sure.

If you have a fast internet connection these videos are a must!

Wooooow! I WANT ONE!
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