12 November 2003

The Communications Revolution 

The broadband revolution continues around us in Rudgwick as does DTT (Digital Terrestial Televison) and DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and older technology like FM radio is a bit iffey!
If you type your exchange into the link below you'll see if broadband is for you. I am not keen on the "Not Viable" label for Rudgwick.
ADSLguide: BT ADSL Demand Tracker - Exchange Data

But you can register your interest here:
Broadband in Rudgwick, West Sussex, UK, Local Internet

In the meantime I continue to use:
Big Blue Internet - Cheap Internet Access, 0808 0800 dial-up, 128k ISDN, ADSL, Flat Rate, FRIACO

What is FRIACO?
It is Flat Rate Internet Access Call Origination; a complete solution for unmetered Internet access. For more info:
Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications - News

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